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Friends University

2100 W. University

Wichita KS 67213

Phone: (316) 295-5000

Fine Arts Division: (316) 295-5677

Dr. Stephen Eaves, Chair, Division of Fine Arts

Fax: (316) 295-5593



Friends University Ballet Department/Wichita Ballet Theatre will present The Nutcracker December 9-11, and the Spring Ballet March 2-4. Fees vary. Stan K. Rogers/Director, Department of Dance, (316) 295-5848.

Friends University Community Orchestra

Dan Racer, Instructor of Music Theory and Composition, (316) 295-5857

Instrumental Chamber Ensembles

Dan Racer, Instructor of Music Theory and Composition, (316) 295-5857

Concert Ensembles

Dr. John Taylor, Director of Instrumental Music, (316) 295-5535

Jazz Ensembles and Combos, Jazz Friends Community Big Band

Lisa Hittle, (316) 295-5616

Percussion Ensemble, Djembe Ensemble, Afro-Cuban Ensemble

Ginger Zyskowski, (316) 295-5677

Theatre Department

Dr. Charles Parker, Director of Theatre, (316)295-5577

Art Department

Ted Krone, Director of Art, (316) 295-5657

Riney Fine Arts Center Gallery

Adam Achey, (316) 295-5656

The Singing Quakers – Concerts plus workshops with guest composers are appropriate for a teacher in-service. Dr. Mark Bartel, Director of Choral Programs, (316) 295-5553

Shared Programs and Rehearsals – Choirs come to Friends University campus and share rehearsals and concerts with the Singing Quakers.

Programs Offered

Arts Partners | 903 S Edgemoor, Suite 907 Wichita, KS 67218

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This Organization received funding for general operational support from the City of Wichita.