Research suggests that targeting the development of math proficiency in 5th and 6th grade is crucial because by 7th grade a student’s preparation for Algebra puts them on a trajectory for the remainder of their high school career. If they have not been exposed to higher level math in high school it decreases the likelihood that will select and be prepared for a STEM degree in college.

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Using their industry knowledge and technical skills, engineers, architects, computer scientists and designers guide 5th or 6th grade students from “Big Idea” to a viable and sustainable solution for public spaces, specifically their parks and playgrounds. Volunteers are also a representative of their field, potentially the first person the student has met with a job in that industry. Do you have an hour to volunteer and make a difference in the life of a young person?

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Ellamonique Baccus
(316) 262-4771 x101

Become an Instructor

Arts Partners Instructors are talented in their own field and work well will students (elementary, middle school and/or high school). If that sounds like you and you are interested in training to become a Generation STEAM instructor, contact Arts Partners  (316) 262-4771,


Generation STEAM has the potential to change the educational trajectory of youth in our city. Supporting a project involving children, the neighborhood, higher education and corporations in an artistic effort re-establishes pride of place, breaks the cycle of neglect that harms public spaces and empowers individuals with concrete ways to improve the quality of life in Wichita. Invest in the future of our city by donating today.

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