Ages 36 – 60 Months

  • Designed to support the very young child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and motor development through quality arts interactions with adults
  • Interdisciplinary performing arts: music, drama and movement
  • Multisensory—using props, gestures, sounds, etc.
  • Book-centered—fostering language/literacy development
  • Taught by senior-level Wolf Trap Teaching Artists and a child development specialist

What to expect in an ArtsPlay™ Class

  • Parents/caregivers and children arrive and become familiar with the space.
  • Teaching Artists, parents/caregivers, and children participate in Warm-Up activity.
  • Teaching Artists and children move into the Imagination Room* while the parents/caregivers remain in the waiting area.
  • Teaching Artists lead children through integrated performing arts experiences in the Imagination Room.
  • Toward the end of each class, one Teaching Artist will leave the Imagination Room and join the parents/caregivers in the waiting area to discuss the strategies introduced during the class and ways to extend the experiences at home.
  • Teaching Artist and children finish class and join parents/caregivers.
  • Parents/caregivers and children are welcome to remain and socialize in the waiting area.

We ask that parents remain in the Warm-Up space during the main part of class. Your child will get the most out of this program if he/she is able to develop a positive relationship with the Teaching Artist. We believe that your child may have a more difficult time developing a relationship with the Teaching Artists while you are present.

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Board of directors

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Tim Rogers

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Rodney Horton

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