Program Name Artist Ages
GET F.A.T. Rob Simon Kindergarten - Grade 12
Imitation of Life: Fine Arts in Prevention Training Rob Simon Grade 6 - Grade 12
Making a Difference With Improv Rob Simon Grade 4 - Grade 12
Music With A Message Rob Simon Kindergarten - Grade 12
Stories to Songs: Wisdom for a New Generation (5th-12th grade) Aaron Fowler Grade 5 - Grade 12
The 3 R's, Yes I Can! Shawn Reida Kindergarten - Grade 8
Thematic Assemblies Rob Simon Kindergarten - Grade 12
When We Gather Aaron Fowler Kindergarten - Grade 5
You Are What You Think Rob Simon Kindergarten - Grade 12


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Board of directors

Lai-L Daugherty

Aaron Boswell

Teresa Seymour

Tana Ruder

Chris Wendt