Storyville: A lesson in American history through the study of jazz

An introduction to the history of African American music beginning with spirituals. The artist will demonstrate how the roots of the slave songs of the 1700’s influenced the music of the 21st century. Participants will hear samples of a work song, spiritual, blues & gospel song by artist. They will sing, play, move to songs and use non-pitched instruments. They will have the opportunity to work in small groups to create an original composition related to the Literature and information presented.

This program can be presented in a mini lesson, performance or developed for a 1-3 day workshop. It will be adapted according the grade level.

SECD: Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Awareness, Self-Management

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Appropriate for ages: Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

Max Audience: one class
Costs: Grades 3rd-5th. 1-3 sessions, 1 session $85, 2 sessions $170; 3 sessions, $255. Virtual programs require a tech/planning meeting, $39.


Kay Alston

Kay Alston is an experienced music educator, teacher, director and performer. She has had a variety of musical experiences in the K-12 schools, church, community and Junior Colleges. She loves to sing, prepare music programs, interact with students and other interested musicians and teachers. Kay’s programs will engage your students and connect them to a variety of curriculum areas.

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