Rocks: Change in the Natural World (K-2nd grade)

Using storytelling, music and movement, students will explore the natural world and the metamorphic process in this engaging interactive residency about rocks, led by professional storyteller and dancer Twyla Smith!

Students will:

Identify properties of objects

Describe observations orally and/or with pictures

Classify/arrange groups of objects by a variety of properties

Observe, compare and sort earth materials

Ask/answer questions about objects/organisms/events in the environment

Discuss that organisms live only when needs are met

Examine the structure of living things

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Appropriate for ages: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

Max Audience: one class
Costs: Option 1 best for K but available for grades K-2: $267 includes 4 30-minute workshops + 1 planning meeting. Option 2 for grades K-2 but better for grades 1-2: $294 includes 3 40-minute workshops + 1 planning meeting.


Twyla Smith

Twyla Smith tells all kinds of stories, specializing in Middle Eastern folktales and Cinderella stories from various cultures. She is also a Kansas Wolf Trap and Baby Artsplay artist.


Twyla is phenomenal and does a fantastic job for our students. We love her.

S. Hoffman, K-1st grade, Franklin Elementary, Wichita

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