Kansas Day!

Celebrate the history of Kansas through the arts!

Aaron Fowler

Oh Give Me a Home – Music and the Kansas Prairies

(Grades K-5th) Life on the Kansas Prairies in the mid-1800s, when Kansas was becoming a state, was very different than today. What was here on the plains 200 years ago? How did folks get here? What was it like? And what did they sing! All of these questions will be raised during this performance. Songs about the California Gold Rush, Underground Railroad, Trains, Cattle Drives, Stage Coach visitors and of course our State song are all part of this engaging and interactive performance. Different versions of this program are available for the following grade levels: K-2nd, 3rd-5th.

SECD: Self Awareness, Social Awareness. Academic alignment: Social Studies, Language Arts. Performance, 45 minutes $286 plus $39 tech/planning meeting

Kay Alston

Our Kansas Heritage

(Grades K-5th) This program will explore the lives of early settlers, their dwellings and living on the frontier. We will travel the trails and listen to the folksongs as we learn about the variety of people who settled our land. Students will discuss the lyrics in the songs and create a visual that tells a story.

Optional Day 2: Create a short story about one of the characters in the song and include a visual that identifies their livelihood.

SECD: Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Awareness, Self-Management. Academic alignment: Language Arts, Social Studies. 1 session workshop $85, 2 sessions $170. Virtual programs require a tech/planning meeting for $39.

World Culture Party (Joyce Gedraitis & Trevor Stewart)

Kansas Immigrants Dance

(Grades 2-12) Students will explore the music and dance of immigrants that came to Kansas. They will expand their knowledge and appreciation of instruments, music and dance of the various cultures in relation to our great state. Learn life lessons and have fun with motivational stories. Different versions of this program are available for the following grade levels: 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th.

SECD: Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills. Academic alignment: Social Studies, Multicultural Studies. Group Performance, 45 minutes $465 plus tech/planning meeting $39.