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Julian Kincaid


Julian Kincaid is a practicing artist in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, where he was raised with an innate love for all things art-related and a passion to share art with the world. His practice started to bloom with the start of photography in his teenage days at Wichita East High School. Upon his enrollment into this K-12 Art Education program at Wichita State University, his skills expanded to include a deep love for both digital and physical arts, spending his days in the relief printmaking studio at McKnight Hall and his evenings creating visuals for local musicians as well as online branding for his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Later in college, he became a frequent member of the local MakeICT and GoCreate makers’ spaces, expanding his skills to include vinyl cutting, wide-format printing, and laser engraving. 2020 marked the boom of his business “The Customs You Need,” through which he has produced countless laser-engraved LED signage, stickers, buttons, banners, and other custom products for supporters around the world. In the fall of 2022, Julian completed his final and most eventful semester of college – first travelling to Lima, Peru to gain an international perspective on the arts, followed by student teaching at Beech Elementary and Wichita West High School. Following these experiences, WSU’s College of Fine Arts conferred upon him his Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in K-12 Art Education, Cum Laude, as the first college graduate in his family. In his free time, Julian loves playing with his family’s cats, antiquing, and exploring the history of Wichita through many sources. He hopes to expand his practice at a public school in his hometown to provide a quality and equitable art education for all he encounters.

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