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Grant Overstake

Wichita-based author Grant Overstake is a former MIAMI HERALD Sports Writer and Kansas newspaper editor. His presentations and writing workshops are based on his acclaimed young adult novel, MAGGIE VAULTS OVER THE MOON and its gritty heroine, Maggie Steele. His presentations will inspire students in 4th grade through middle school. His writing workshops can be tailored for students in 4th grade through high school.


“[T]he concepts of self-control, delayed gratification and perseverance are more important now than ever before. Today’s youth deserve adults in their lives who will not only teach them these concepts but will model these skills in their daily lives. Mr. Overstake does an amazing job of introducing ‘Grit’ to both students and staff alike. I highly recommend his program to each and every school and staff.”

Mr. Mike Meyer, M.Ed.; Social Studies/Science Teacher, Team Leader, Holy Savior Catholic Academy

“…one of the most successful [assembly programs] we had in years.”

C. Jones, School Counselor, Beech Elementary

“EVERY student was engaged while learning how to use GRIT and persevere through life challenges with Grant Overstake.”

M. Geer, Cessna Elementary, Wichita

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