Artist Info

Geli Chavez

I grew up in small town, Kansas. My passion of art developed in High School with the help of an amazing set of art teachers, Mr. and Mrs. O. After leaving my hometown I pursed a degree in biology… and failed miserably. I picked myself up and travelled, delving more into my art and what truly fed my creative nature. After a two year “finding my soul” hiatus, I returned to university to study Graphic Design at Fort Hays State University. Finished with school, I returned to Wichita, KS freelancing in design and photography. I currently work full time as a Project Manager at The Workroom, as well as a Creative Conceptualist in my own venture. I strive to create work that resonates with many and always with concept in mind.

I would love to be able to give back as an artist and be able to be a mentor to youth. I know I would have loved being a kid with these kind of programs, so to be able to help out as an adult artist would mean a lot. I think I can provide a positive and open environment for kids to explore and build confidence in art… as well as have fun!

Programs Offered

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    This Organization received funding for general operational support from the City of Wichita The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.