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Daniel Baird


Daniel first heard the handpan in 2009 and fell in love with its mesmerizing sound. He has been playing the handpan since 2017 and it has become his biggest passion. He has performed at the Steel Mountain Handpan Gathering, the Derby Spring Into Art event, and has accompanied the WSU Shocker Choir and WuChoir. Daniel received his BA in Psychology from WSU and plans to use the handpan for therapeutic purposes. He plays regularly for memory care, assisted living, hospice, and homeless events. The handpan also provides perfect background music for any ocassion!

The handpan is a steel instrument invented at the turn of the century in Switzerland. It produces peaceful tones that sound similar to a harp, piano, or xylophone. Inspired by the steelpan, the handpan is easy for all ages to play. Daniel enjoys sharing the handpan with others and teaching them how to explore the instrument. He believes the handpan is the instrument of the future, allowing anyone to express their emotions musically, regardless of their musical experience.

Samples of Daniel’s music can be found on YouTube: Handpandan

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