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The Storyteller Inside You

Students listen to stories, analyze story elements (character, setting, problem, solution), practice basic storytelling techniques while retelling a story, and create a classroom story. The stories may reflect other subjects being studied, character education, folktales, or fables (teacher's choice). Workshops may be extended to include guiding students to begin writing original stories.

Available Monday-Friday

Artist: Amy Kaspar Woolf

Amy presented at our Cuddle Up and Read family event. She did a great job of interacting with the audience and her story selection was perfect.

C. Hockett, Stanley Elementary, Wichita
Format Audience Size Grade Level Curriculum Cost
Workshop one class Grade 2 - Grade 5 Character Education
History / Social Studies
Language Arts
2-5 sessions, 45 minutes. 2 session option, $209; 3 session option, $294; 4 session option, $379; 5 session option, $464. (Each option includes planning meeting and multiple sessions with same group of students.)

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